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Thursday is reserved for technical or cultural excursions to various places in Dnipropetrovsk region. The maximum number of participants is 30 for each excursion. Therefore, it is necessary to register in advance.

Sightseeing of Dnipropetrovsk

A tour around Dnipropetrovsk to learn about over than 299 years' history of the city and its sights, such as central thoroughfare marked in old maps as Yekaterininsky Avenue, Potemkin Palace and Preobrazhensky Cathedral created in traditions of Russian Classicism, and a wonderful Embankment with the length of over 40 km built on the wave-built sand. It is also an opportunity for you to visit parks that are considered to be the monuments of landscape gardening of the 18 th century. You can choose the time of beginning of the tour.


A trip to Zaporizhia city (90km) that lasts for about 6 hours, plus one hour for lunch. You will have the chance to learn about the development of Pryndiprovia region, to visit the central avenue of the city, as well as the Khortitsa Island and the museum of Cossacks history. You will also see DneproGES, the first Soviet hydroelectric plant.


A trip to Petrykivka village (50 km) that lasts for about 4 hours. During the trip you will visit Petrykivka settlement, a place where famous Petrykivka-style painters live. You will visit art studios and showrooms, where you could take a closer look at the Ukrainian painting technique, well-known worldwide, an even try to make a painting by yourself.

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