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The Conference will take place during May 27-30, 2007 at the ancient building of Potyomkin Palace, Dnipropetrovsk , Ukraine. The Potyomkin Palace is a national-value architecture property built in 1788 – 1790. Potyomkin Palace is situated in beautiful Shevchenko Park very close to the right bank of the Dnipro River. Nowadays the Palace plays the role of “Students’ Palace” where students from different universities hold their social and public events.

Address :
Potyomkin Palace
Shevchenko square, 1
49000 Dnipropetrovsk , Ukraine

  1. How to get to conference place
  2. About Dnipropetrovsk
  3. Weather in Dnipropetrovsk
Access to conference

The Conference place is easy to access by air and rail.

The International airport Dnipropetrovsk (DNK) offers direct lines to and from capital of Ukraine - Kiev, Vienna (Austria), Frankfurt on Maine (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey), Tel Aviv (Israel), Moscow (Russia) etc.

Airport Information: +38 0562 395209, 395507.

By train :
The central railway station is located right in Dnepropetrovsk city center.

The trip by tram lines 1 takes about 20 minutes.

Transfers from/to Dnipropetrovsk Airport will be provided complimentary on the group basis due to flight schedules.

You may easy reach the Conference place from city-centre and from central railway station by tramline № 1 (tram-stop
“ Shevchenko Park”).

About Dnipropetrovsk

The city of Dnipropetrovsk is situated on the Dnipro River in East-Central Ukraine , and has a population of 1.05 million (third city in the country by population). Large and beautiful, it is the main city of East-Central Ukraine .

Dnipropetrovsk - simply Dnepr, as it is called by local inhabitants is a dynamic and lively city. The city is surprising green along the wide and slow-moving river (Dnepr in Russian, Dnipro in Ukrainian) and has remarkable embankments, long boulevards and spacious parks. It is also the major centre of high-technology industries, education, machine-building, metallurgy and trade. The city is not only famous for its commercial industry, but also its green hills and deep history. The old fortress settlement has existed since the middle of the 16th century. The new town was founded in 1776 by the Russian Prince, Potemkin by order of Catherine II, Empress of the Russian Empire and was called Yekaterinoslav (Ekaterinoslav) from 1776 to 1926. During 1918 the town's name was Sicheslav (The Glory for Sich'/Fortress of Cossacks).

Dnipropetrovsk has been the major centre of the steel industry from the beginning of the 20th century until the present. It has also dominated in the machine-building and aero-space industry since the 1950s.

Weather in Dnipropetrovsk

For information on weather of Dnipropetrovsk please see:
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